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Leaders: Boris springs fresh post-Brexit shocks

Politics Scotsman - 30/06/2016 (23:00)
With Gove as pantomime villain and May the establishment figure, it looks like the public’s thirst for change will be ignored by Tories
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Sheriffs urged to tag criminals to cut ‘swollen’ prison rates

Politics Scotsman - 30/06/2016 (22:41)
Tagging should be used more frequently to reduce Scotland’s “swollen” prison population and more needs to be done to convince sheriffs of the effectiveness of the electronic device, criminal experts have said.
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Councillor in Legoland trip row urged to refer himself to watchdog

Politics Scotsman - 30/06/2016 (22:38)
A Scottish council co-leader who ditched his Legoland chalet in disgust during a trade trip to Denmark has faced calls to refer himself to a public standards watchdog.
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Scottish Government refuses to commit to spying inquiry

Politics Scotsman - 30/06/2016 (22:06)
The Scottish Government has refused to commit to setting up an inquiry into controversial undercover policing practices should an existing probe not be extended north of the Border.
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Pound dips sharply as Mark Carney hints at interest rate cut

Politics Scotsman - 30/06/2016 (21:58)
Bank of England governor Mark Carney has signalled interest rates could be cut over the summer to bolster the economy after the Brexit vote, but warned growth could be hit “for some time”.
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Somme Remembered At Centenary Commemorations

International Sky News - 30/06/2016 (21:53)
Night vigils are being held ahead of events to remember the 100th anniversary of the deadliest battle in British history.

Friday's National Newspaper Front Pages

International Sky News - 30/06/2016 (21:44)
Sky News takes a look at the headlines making a splash in Friday's national newspapers.

US Military Lifts Ban On Transgender Troops

International Sky News - 30/06/2016 (20:56)
Transgender individuals will be allowed to enlist in a year's time, despite concerns from some senior military leaders.


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